集体采矿在甜甜圈目标做出了重大的草根发现, 钻孔104米在1.3克/吨黄金当量表面  


多伦多,安大略省,2021年10月18日- long8国际官方网站有限公司. (TSXV:补偿中子测井) (“Collective” or the “Company”) is pleased to announce that it has made a significant discovery at the Donut target (“Donut”). Donut is the first of five outcropping and grassroot targets generated by the Company to be drilled at the Guayabales project, 哥伦比亚. The Company presently has one diamond drill rig testing Donut with a second rig expected to arrive at site shortly and begin drilling the Box target prior to the end of October 2021.


  • Broad and continuous gold (“Au”) and silver (“Ag”) mineralization has been intersected from surface in the first two diamond drill holes at the Donut target as follows:
    • 104米.3克/吨黄金当量从地面包括18米在4.16米深度的7克/吨黄金当量(DOC-2);
    • 0高度处106米.5克/吨黄金当量表面(DOC-1).
  • Donut is located at the NW end of a SW trending zone hosting clusters of mineralized breccia bodies which can be traced along strike to the SW for 550 metres and remain open for further expansion.
  • Donut油田的钻探工作仍在继续,DOC-3至DOC-5井已经完成,DOC-6井正在进行中.
  • DOC-3和DOC-4在矿化体系的西南方向及深部钻探. Preliminary logging of both holes highlights continuity of the mineralized breccia and polymetallic vein system overprint with longer intercepts of mineralized breccia than was intersected in DOC-1 and DOC-2.
  • DOC-05, 哪条是在东南方向钻的, 在穿过断层之前与较窄的矿化角砾岩相交. 在离断层大约80米深的地方, 直到洞底327米处才发现斑岩类型的改变.
  • Assay results for DOC-3 to DOC-5 are anticipated in the near term and will be reported shortly thereafter.
  • 由于钻探计划的积极启动, 该公司正在扩大其首次钻井计划,从7,500 to 10,000米.

“这是我们团队的勤奋和地质建模技术的结果, we have accomplished the exceedingly arduous task of making a brand-new discovery on the very first drill hole into a grassroot target at the Guayabales project. 我们期待在近期宣布更多的钻孔检测结果,阿里·萨斯曼评论道, 执行主席. “由于早期的成功, 我们正在增加我们最初的演习计划从7,500 to 10,此外,我们还加快了从第一季度到2021年11月的奥林巴斯目标钻探计划, 2022.”


HoleID 从(m) (米) 时间间隔(米) 非盟(g / t) Ag (g / t) AuEq * (g / t)
DOC-1 0.0 106.0 106 0.4 7 0.5
包括. 55.0 70.2 15 0.6 23 0.9
89.7 106.0 16 0.6 5 0.7
DOC-2 0.0 104.0 104 1.2 12 1.3
包括. 16.0 58.1 42 2.5 8 2.4
包括. 16.0 34.0 18 4.8 10 4.7
包括. 20.0 22.0 2 33.3 41 32.2
  • Gold equivalent calculated based on a long-term 65:1 silver to gold ratio average and metallurgical recovery rate assumption of 95% for gold and 90% for silver based on similar projects globally. Readers should be cautioned that the Company has not yet performed any independent metallurgical test work on the deposit and as a result, 回收率最终可能高于或低于计算中使用的估计值.


Underground mapping of artisanal workings covering a 100 metre x 100 metre area has exposed mineralized and oxidized porphyritic diorite in contact with 热液角砾岩. 斑岩和角砾岩显示出网状结构和席状结构的证据, 石英硫化物细纹以及后期叠印的多金属细纹. A total of one hundred and seventy-six two-metre channel samples were taken underground and returned an average of 2.1克/吨黄金和21.2克/吨银(基于对三个高档样品进行统计顶切). Collective’s initial drilling has been focused on drill testing this mineralization at depth and in an array of different directions.
Review of the diamond drill core highlights a 热液角砾岩 with a sulphide matrix and hosting clasts of mineralized porphyry containing A and B veins and disseminated pyrite, 黄铜矿, 和钼. Breccia mineralization is associated with strong phyllic alteration (principally illite-sericite with some chlorite and epidote) whereas the diorite bodies intersected in the cores show potassic alteration (Biotite and K feldspar). The overprinting polymetallic veinlets contain quartz and pyrite associated with high grade gold values, 闪锌矿及偶见方铅矿. 钻孔DOC-5, 东南方向钻孔, 断裂接触中相交的矿化角砾岩与钾化蚀变岩, 含浸染状黄铜矿、钼和A、B斑岩细脉的斑岩体.
总之, 多相成矿作用与斑岩有关, 热液角砾岩, 后来是多金属脉纹. 在岩心中至少可以看到三次矿化事件. The presence of porphyry clasts and the mineralized porphyry intrusive intersected in DOC-5 highlight the potential for a large, 附近有矿化斑岩体.


David J Reading is the designated Qualified Person for this news release within the meaning of National Instrument 43-101 (“NI 43-101”) and has reviewed and verified that the technical information contained herein is accurate and approves of the written disclosure of same. Mr. 雷丁拥有经济地质学硕士学位,是材料研究所研究员, 矿产和采矿及经济地质学会.


岩石样品已在麦德林SGS实验室准备和分析, 哥伦比亚和秘鲁首都利马, 秘鲁. 空白, 重复的, and certified reference standards are inserted into the sample stream to monitor laboratory 性能. Crush rejects and pulps are kept and stored in a secured storage facility for future assay verification. 样品复合材料没有加盖. 公司采用严格的,行业标准的QA/QC程序.


long8国际官方网站 is an exploration and development company focused on identifying and exploring prospective mineral projects in South America. 由开发和销售大陆黄金公司的团队创建. 紫金矿业获得了约20亿美元的企业价值, the mission of the Company is to repeat its past success in 哥伦比亚 by making a significant new mineral discovery and advancing the projection to production. Management and insiders own approximately 41% of the outstanding shares of the Company and as a result are fully aligned with shareholders. Collective currently holds an option to earn up to a 100% interest in two projects located in 哥伦比亚. 这是瓜亚巴莱斯旗舰项目激进的草根long8国际官方网站计划的结果, 确定了五个主要目标. 该公司最近将其首次钻井计划增加到10个,只有一个目的就是在哥伦比亚进行下一个重大发现.


Paul Begin,首席财务官
电话. (416) 451-2727

本新闻稿包含某些前瞻性声明, 包括, 但不限于, 关于首次演习计划的声明, 包括公布结果的时间, 以及Collective的未来和意图. 只要有可能, 像“may”这样的词, “会”, “应该”, “可以”, “期望”, “计划”, “意愿”, “预测”, “相信”, “估计”, “预测”或“潜力”或这些词的否定或其他变体, 或类似的单词或短语, 是否被用来识别这些前瞻性陈述. These statements reflect management’s current beliefs and are based on information currently available to management as at the date hereof.

前瞻性陈述涉及重大风险、不确定性和假设. 许多因素都可能导致实际结果, 性能, or achievements to differ materially from the results discussed or implied in the forward-looking statements. 这些因素应该仔细考虑, 读者不应过分依赖前瞻性的陈述. Although the forward-looking statements contained in this news release are based upon what management believes to be reasonable assumptions, Collective cannot assure readers that actual results will be consistent with these forward-looking statements. 这些前瞻性声明自本新闻稿发布之日起发布, 和Collective不承担更新或修改它们以反映新的事件或情况的义务, 法律规定的除外.

Neither the TSXV nor its Regulation Services Provider (as that term is defined in the policies of the TSXV) accepts responsibility for the adequacy or accuracy of this news release.




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